From 1977 to 1992, Edwards Skateboards was the brand that delivered skateboard products, promotions and sporting events in New Zealand and Australia. With 1992 came the emergence of a new culture of street skating and Hip Hop, and our skaters wanted something cool to reflect the times.

Andrew Mapstone, Kennedy Poynter and Andrew Morrison, were the brain trust that came up with name Boom, inspired by an Andy Warhol painting of the beginning of the universe. There in the stock room of Cheapskates Khyber Pass…a new brand was born!

From the start it was an Australasian affair – with Anthony and Andrew Mapstone from Victoria, and Andrew Morrison and Justin Watene from New Zealand. Soon, the top skaters from New Zealand flocked to the brand. The likes of skate legends Chey Ataria and Secombe Watene joined the brotherhood, as well as rising stars such as Stu Kendall and many more to follow.

Soon, it would be true, that anyone who was anyone in New Zealand skateboarding was either riding for BOOM or had come through BOOM as a rite of passage.